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  1. Yay! Ich freu mich total! Das ist das erste Mal, dass ich im Internet etwas gewonnen habe Und ich hab auch schon große Pläne für das Blöcklein *durch die Gegend tanz*Und danke für die Anleitung! Allen anderen Gewinnern natürlich auch einen herzlichen Glückwunsch! Und dem Rest: Nicht traurig sein. Selberbasteln macht ja auch Spaß

  2. It was my favorite coaster for a long time and it reminds me of my first inversion which was Geauga Lake's Corkscrew (I forgot that it actually had two). For that reason though I've always really enjoyed it and it has never really felt too rough for me. I didn't get a ride on it last year there though. Also very fun to corkscrew right over the midway, have always loved that.

  3. I know that story from the Hitchcock TV series, but during the course of my extensive research for this post, I learned that it was originally a short story by Roald Dahl.My, uh, friend buys cat litter in 25-pound buckets, so she’s not concerned about her ability to lift the turkey; she’s just worried about cooking it afterwards. I mean, it’ll still be frozen.

  4. 15 years ago in NH … 15 years ago in NH I could write a major medical policy for a child for $7 a month from among the thirty or so insurers we had in the state; and i wrote many. After the Democratic governor “reformed” the companies by forcing them to take pre-existing conditions, all but two left and now it costs about $200 a month to insure a child. NH now has three times as many uninsured children because of “reforms.” Insurance is expensive because of government regulation, period.

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