Welcome ^^



Hi ! welcome to my tiny cozy corner of the internet!

It’s my first virtual convention, it’s kind of exciting, even if I wish we could meet in person!
I’m a comic book artist, half published, half self published ^^

Here is what I look like if you’re curious (and yep I’m probably in my pajamas… sorry XD). And you can browse my website to see what I’m all about !




I also have a little shop that reflects pretty much who I am ūüôā

I am obsessed with cute characters, with a mix of fantasy and subtle feelings! If you are too, I can recommend my silent story about the friendship between a Witch and a Pumpkin (there is also a digital version ^^).

If you have a kid (or if like me you don’t care about growing up), I have a kid book about a¬†little piggie who wants to find out where that unpleasant smell comes from… her family makes fun of her, but little ones are full of resources!(pre-order in english, or order in french)

I struggle with my inner fatphobia, so I draw holographic stickers of absolutely fatbulous ladies to never forget awesome has no size.

Like most artists I have a ton of characters living in my head and sometimes they find a way out, so you’ll also find pins of a mandragora and a kappa in luv, and a bunch of¬†stickers of various¬†adorable demon, Oni, mummy, mandragora, gorgon…

And I have a few original art pieces available too!

Every order during Thought Bubble will come with a free digital mini comics about a little kid and their Golem nanny ^^

Thank you for visiting <3